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How to Add Google Adsense Code to WordPress | The Right Method!

In this tutorial, I will show you how to add Google Adsense code to the WordPress site using the right method. Yes, the right method means, just add single Google Adsense JavaScript and place the ads on the places you want. Also, the right method means to add Google Adsense JavaScript to the Footer, not in the Header. This way it will eliminate the JavaScript render-blocking warning. I am sure, that if you will use this method to add Adsense code to the WordPress site, it will not impact your website performance. Because if you put the Adsense code in the Head tag (<head></head>), it will definitely impact your WordPress site performance, which you can test using the website speed test tools such as Google PageSpeed and GTmetrix, etc.

Now I already brief you about it, that what are the advantages of adding Google Adsense Main JavaScript code to the Footer in WordPress site. So let's start the tutorial.
Steps to Add Google Adsense Code to WordPress Using the Right Meth…